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Myth Monster Hat  Entry Form by calgarycosplay Myth Monster Hat  Entry Form by calgarycosplay
Contest Closes January 20th 2011
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#1)Download this contest entry form, your subission must be on this form!
#2)Design a Mythical Monster Hat hat!
Can by any mythical monster (from any culture); Griffons, Dragons, Unicorns, Cerberus, Cthulhu, werewolves etc.
  • Show it from multiple angles

  • Show in Full colour

#3)Post a link to your completed entry IN THE JOURNAL
[link] [link] [link]
  • Please submit as a square on the 900x900 entry form

  • Post a link to my page, or this contest somewhere in your description


Contest Closes January 20th 2011
If there is more than one really great hat I will make more than one! Number of winners depends on number of entrants as well!
You can win your hat in Two Ways
  • Your design has enough thought and effort basically very marketable, or charms me

  • Someone commissions me to make your hat If someone buys your hat, you automatically get one for free during the entire running time of the contest


The more popular your design is the better (this dosent necessarily mean favs but it will help). I rarely make hats I can't sell more than once. Think about what hat would look the best to most people. Be realistic, if your hat is tricked out and costs $100 to make it won't be done. Try to remember the cost of a remake of your hat will be passed down to future customers and this will influence if we make it or not. Effort helps ALOT. Colour is a must.

Additional Rules

You can enter as many times as you like. If by January 20th your design is not in this journal it is not beeing considered (even if it qualifies as I can only have 50 or so entries in the journal at once). You must be a watcher of my stuff to qualify for any of the prizes. You must put the proper links in your description. Please no begging me or threatening me this time, or bullying me to judge faster etc, if you are unpleasent you are disqualified. If the design is completly uncomprehensive or is a recognizable copyright infringement I will not consider it. By submitting your design you are giving me full rights to it. If you live further away than $10 shipping will cover you need to pay the difference to get your winning hat.

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November 30, 2010
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